Adam was born the son of a farmer Qila Didar Singh in 1982, Pakistan.

Already at school he was enthusiastic about - in addition to his second passion cricket - for acting. In 1994, he was named best actor in the Children Talent Show "Sajarepol" the

Pakistan Television Corporation nominated for Best Actor. He was here selected from 200 competitors.


During his studies in Gujranwala, Pakistan Adam was an integral part of college theater group and entered into this framework at various festivals.


After college, the Anwar Live Drama Company hired him for a variety of live drama.

Until his departure from Pakistan, he firmly cooperated with Anwar.


In 2006, Adam decided during a vacation at his living in Ukraine

Brother to stay in Europe. He traveled and worked subsequently in and around Europe.


In 2014 Adam took his passion for acting up again. It took
this only the little "coincidence" that in which he worked as a waiter near the restaurant
a drama school had their rooms. He takes since then at the drama school in Rixdorf
Berlin lessons. 

1990 - theater role as bad son

1991 - theater role as teacher

1992 - theater role as house servants  

1993 - role as Bauer

1994 - nomination for Best Actor in the Children Talent Show " Sajarepol "

Pakistan Television Corporation

1995 - role as dancers

1996 - Role as a poet (Muhammad Iqbal)

1997- role as hero (Heer Ranjha, based on a tragedy from Punjab)

1998 - role as politicians (Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan)


Govt College, Gujranwala, Pakistan

1999 - role as an officer (Major Raja Aziz Bhatti)

2000 - Role Restaurant Manger (immigrant from India)

2001 - Role as bad lover

2002 - role as a politician (Prime Minister of Pakistan)

2003 - Role as a bad father

2004 - role as policeman

2005 - Role as an Indian immigrant


2006/2007 - appearance in various live drama in collaboration with Anwar Live Drama Company

2014 - dance classes at the dance school Ekkanda Berlin: Ballroom Dancing (World Dance Program)


2014 - acting lessons at drama school Rixdorfer Berlin